Corporate Responsibility

Governance framework for Corporate Social Responsibility

Please refer to the Corporate Social Responsibility section in the Annual Report.

The Group fully supports the expectations of its key stakeholders in conducting its business activities in a highly responsible manner that creates a positive impact on the community, its people and the environment it operates in. Consequently, the Group actively promotes the effective management of its Corporate Social Responsibility agenda, recognising its importance to the long term sustainability of all of its businesses.

The Group is committed to acting as a "good corporate citizen" by applying the highest standards of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in all aspects of its operations, both internally and externally.

Therefore, the Group recognises that its social and environmental impacts have to be managed in just the same way as its commercial and financial performance. The Group's approach to CSR is to effectively and actively manage the impact that their operational activities, could or do have, both within the Group and also on external stakeholders and the environment.

Ethical considerations and behaviour

Ethical corporate behaviour continues to be a Board priority and the risk of inappropriate actions is regularly assessed by the Board as part of its work on risk management and specifically in relation to negotiations with suppliers, partners, agents and customers relating to material trading agreements and arrangements.

Accordingly, as appropriate ethical behaviour is a Board priority, ethics are awarded high prominence across all business operations and staff are expected to act responsibly, meeting legal and regulatory requirements in their dealings with fellow colleagues, suppliers, agents, partners and customers.

To ensure staff understand their ethical responsibilities, the Board has established a Code of Conduct which is issued to all staff upon their initial engagement with the Group’s businesses clearly stating the principles of behaviour and conduct expected and what would be considered unacceptable.

This Code of Conduct is supported by formal policies emphasising legal responsibilities relating to conduct and relationships with third-parties in order that staff fully understand their responsibilities. There are separate policies relating to (i) Anti-Bribery and Corruption, (ii) Anti-Fraud and (iii) Gifts and Hospitality.

To further enforce the zero-tolerance to any unethical behaviour, there is a robust whistleblowing procedure in place to allow staff to report potential concerns in confidence.

The following documents relating to conduct, policy and procedures are available below:

1. Business Code of Conduct

2. Anti-bribery and corruption policy

3. Anti-fraud policy

4. Hospitality and gifts policy

5. Whistleblowing procedures

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